Forever Dividend Stocks

Six Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

How does a steady flow of income - 24 dividend payments a year - for an average yield of 4.37% sound?

If you love dividends and, more importantly, love to see those dividends go up every year… then you need to consider forever dividend stocks. These are stocks we believe you can buy and hold forever.

In this report, we will uncover our six favorite dividends stocks that have been hand selected from our Compound Income Portfolio.

The Compound Income Portfolio is designed for wealth seekers. This portfolio uses the immense power of dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs) to compound dividends and grow wealth in a conservative manner.

Using this system, checks will arrive like clockwork, each year... on time, no matter how well or badly the market is performing.

The portfolio puts you in the driver’s seat and ahead of the income game, regardless of what mainstream investments deliver. Each and every security pays shareholders a reliable dividend, which you can reinvest or spend as you please.

If you are serious about receiving big dividend payments every year, you need to check out our special investor report - Six Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever – today.

Inside we will give you the exact ticker symbols for companies that have an excellent history of raising their dividends year-over-year, putting more money into the pockets of shareholders.

In this Report:

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